January 3, 2021

Dear Weymouth Residents,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to what the new year may bring.  2020 brought a lot of unexpected changes and challenges to all of us. I have realized how nice it has been to have extra time at home with my family when I would normally be at various town meetings and events - even if it is at the expense of Zoom fatigue. It also made me realize how much I truly love working in public education - which I do outside of the Town of Weymouth/being a Town Councilor. COVID turned every school system upside down in 2020 and working through it has been no easy task. As my position has evolved, I’ve had increased work hours, responsibilities and I want to continue to pursue personal and professional growth within this field.

I love Weymouth and the people here. We’ve had so many positive things happen in town since I was first elected in 2013. We had just purchased the Emery Estate at that time. We’ve seen Libby, Lovell and Legion Fields all extensively rehabilitated. We just celebrated the grand opening of the new Tufts Library and we’re seeing significant progress on the new Chapman Middle School. The list goes on to include a new Fore River Bridge, improvements at Great Esker Park and the extension of Osprey Overlook Park, revitalization in the Landing and Jackson Square, numerous road and sidewalk paving projects, etc. etc. This was all possible through the hard work and dedication of town departments and active residents and I’ll forever be grateful to have seen all these positive improvements come to fruition as a Councilor. 

Through my work on the council, I know that there are so many great residents in this town who can properly represent and be a voice for the residents of Weymouth in the legislative branch of government.  As campaign season for local races will be quickly approaching, I wanted to take this moment to let you know that after a lot of thought and discussion with family and friends, I will NOT be seeking re-election as a Councilor At-Large or any elected office this year.  This wasn’t an easy decision by any means but it’s the right one for me and my family.  It’s impossible to properly express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me and helped me serve as a Councilor for the past 7 years. I’m truly thankful for each and every one of you and that is why I felt it was important to share the decision I have already made with you.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us in 2021; I am still committed as a Councilor At-Large and look forward to working for you and serving out the remainder of my term which expires on December 31, 2021. Thank you.


Very respectfully, 

Becky Haugh

Weymouth is a wonderful town full of wonderful people.  This is what inspired me when I first ran for office in 2013 and I continue to be inspired by all of the people who make our town great.  

Weymouth is an amazing community that bands together in times of crisis, celebrates together in times of joy and works together to move our town forward.  It's our neighborhoods, civic associations and groups, our family and friends that devote their energy and time to help one another and advocate for changes that make Weymouth a great town.  I'm truly honored to be a part of this community.   

Weymouth has undergone numerous changes over the past decade.  Although we are growing and thriving as a large town south of Boston, we need to ensure that government doesn't forget its number one priority which is serving the people.  Not only do I strive to work for the best interests of Weymouth residents, but I also advocate to higher offices to work for the people of Weymouth.   

Weymouth has already given me so much - a house that I call a home, a safe town for my children to be raised and educated in, and a community that feels like a family.  For that I am truly grateful.

Weymouth is our town. Working together will be our biggest strength to ensure we keep Weymouth a great place to live, work and raise a family.