Air Quality and Children in the Weymouth/Quincy/Braintree Area

Here is a letter I submitted to FERC back in January in regards to air quality and the number of children affected in the area of the proposed Weymouth Compressor Station.  CLICK HERE TO READ


 Below are the statistics included in the letter about how many children reside/attend school within a 3 mile radius of the proposed Weymouth site.  There are 33 private and public schools within a 3 mile radius of the Weymouth site.  There are also 38 privately owned daycares and preschools not included in the student counts below within 3 miles of the proposed station.  So in total, 71 schools/preschools/daycare are within a 3 mile radius with the Weymouth location.  

Even the schools within the radius of the existing compressor stations on the Algonquin line are a significant distance away from the sites.   The data on the effects of a compressor station on children and adults is not there because they are typically sited in rural communities.  

Here is a recent article where the chemicals that are documented from the pipeline companies which are released at compressor station sites are matched up by scientific studies of these pollutants and human health.  CLICK HERE for the article from New Hampshire.