Explore Weymouth!

I'm a true advocate of people getting outside and being active.  Whether it's a 10 minute walk outside after dinner or you're training for a marathon, there's so many great places in Weymouth to see, explore and escape a bit.  Local government can play a vital role in this mission as we routinely are playing a part in updating parks, advocating for better sidewalks, ensuring pedestrian and motorist safety on our streets.  

Numerous departments participate in helping to achieve a high quality of life when it comes to getting outside - DPW, Police, Recreation, Planning, etc.  We also have numerous Boards and Committees that meet which focus on our our outdoor resources such as the Community Preservation Committee, Open Space Committee and Waterfront Committee.  

Sometimes we don't always know all of the resources available to the public so I'm using this section of the website to highlight some great spots in Weymouth.