Do you have a question, concern, problem or just plain curious about something going on in the Town of Weymouth?  Almost everything you might be looking for can be found on the Town of Weymouth's Webpage.  If you can't find what you're looking for, there is contact information for virtually everyone who would be able to help you.  

Many people only reach out when there is a problem or issue which effects them directly - which is completely fine and understandable!  Hopefully this page gives you just a little bit more understanding of who's who and help you understand how the Town of Weymouth is run.  


Town Departments are the people who work day in and day out for the Town of Weymouth.  This is where you would first go to try to get any answers to your questions or problems.  We have so many dedicated town employees that you should get an answer rather quickly.  Each department has their own contact information listed.  If you're confused about exactly who you need to speak to, you can always call the Mayor's office at 781-340-5012 or Town Council office at 781-340-5020 and they can help assist you.  

Boards & Committees

The town has numerous Boards & Committees.  These boards & committees are primarily made up of resident volunteers and town staff members.  Residents are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Town Council.  When appointed, each member has a specific time of appointment and can be reappointed when their term is expiring.  Some of the committees are special and are only needed during a specific time frame or to accomplish a certain goal and then are disbanded. 

If you are ever interested in serving on a certain committee, you can reach out to the Mayor's office or lookout for vacancy announcements on the town webpage and social media from time to time.  All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public.  They post agendas at least 48 hours in advance on the town's calendar for meeting location, date, time and content expected to be discussed.  

Elected Officials

The Mayor, Town Council and School Committee are the three offices where the public votes for their representation.  


The Mayor is the Town's chief executive officer, elected by and from the voters at large. The Mayor is responsible for the efficient administration of Town government, and exercises general supervision and direction over all Town agencies, unless otherwise provided by law.  The Mayor is elected to a 4 year term and can choose to run for re-election.  Mayor Robert Hedlund has been serving as Weymouth's Mayor since January 2014 and won re-election in 2019.  

Town Council

The Town Council serves as the legislative branch of the town’s government. The mission of the Council is to provide representation and leadership on behalf of the citizens of Weymouth. In this role, the Council is responsible for approving town ordinances and measures and supervising an independent review of the executive branch through an audit/oversight function. Additionally, Councilors are available to assist citizens with any questions or concerns which they may have.

The Town Council consists of 11 members.  There are 6 District Councilors who represent certain areas of the town.  If you are unsure who your District Councilor is, you can look up any property on the Town's Property Viewer.  When you click your property, you will see "Legislative District" on the right hand side of the screen (example below).  That number correlates to your District Councilor.  Additionally, there are 5 Councilors At-Large who represent the entire town.  All Councilors are elected for 2 year terms in every odd year.  

School Committee

The Weymouth School Committee is composed of seven members. The mayor serves by virtue of the office, and the other six are elected to four year terms. All members are elected "at large" meaning they are responsible for representing the whole town, not just one district.  As established by the town charter, as well as state law, The committee has four main responsibilities:

  • To hire and evaluate the performance of the Superintendent of Schools.
  • To partner with the schools' central administration to propose a budget that meets the needs of the schools, and matches the values of the broader community. The actual budget is the set by the Mayor and approved by Town Council, using the School Committee proposal as a reference.
  • To set the policies by which the schools operate. The responsibility of devising methods to execute those policies lies with the Superintendent and her staff.
  • To negotiate contracts with collective bargaining units and individuals employed by the schools.

Current School Committee Members are Lisa Belmarsh (chair), Tracey Nardone (Vice Chair), John Sullivan (Secretary), Kathleen Curran, Rebecca Shangraw, Carrie Palazzo, and Mayor Robert Hedlund.  Contact information for all members can be found here.