PIP Comments and LSP Complaint

The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) comment period ended on Friday, January 5, 2018.  I have consulted with members of Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station, members of the petition group and the Town of Weymouth about comments that would be made.  I submitted my own letter.  To read it, CLICK HERE.  The LSP that has been hired to this PIP case will be responding to all questions and comments around this RTN.  Duplicate comments/questions will be bundled for one answer (i.e. If the town, myself and two residents all have a same or similar concern, only one answer will be provided).  

Additionally, on December 27, 2017, I mailed a formal complaint about the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) assigned to the PIP Release Tracking Number 4-0026230/4-0026243.  At the meeting held on November 13, 2017, it was discovered that Enbridge is using not only the same firm they hired to help move along the compressor station in Weymouth, but also the same exact person who spoke on behalf of Enbridge/Spectra back in 2016 at our Conservation Commission hearings for what should be an unbiased study of the contamination found at this parcel of land.  
The news article about this meeting can be found here:
The LSP which has been hired by Enbridge to conduct the Scope of Work, Remedial Action Plan, Remedy Implementation Plan, temporary and permanent solutions statements and Activity and Use Limitations for this oil contaminated parcel is the same one who has worked with them for years to help advance the Atlantic Bridge project and the Weymouth Compressor Station.  Due to her past work with Spectra/Enbridge in helping to gain federal approval of the proposed compressor station, it is a conflict of interest as the reputation of her past work is contingent on the outcome of the remediation plan for the recently found contamination and how quickly Enbridge can get the green light to move forward with the construction a compressor station which she received financial compensation for.
If she is allowed to continue on as the LSP for the PIP and her past work with Enbridge and the proposed compressor station is dismissed as a conflict of interest, then there appears to be a flaw with the system that allows these types of relationships to remain legal in the Commonwealth.  Her job with Spectra/Enbridge was to show this land is suitable for a compressor station - and she will be the one coming up with the solutions to clean up the contamination on the site.  Will it be the cheapest and fastest way to further advance the compressor station or will it be a thorough review and a clean up that ultimately bests protect those who live near the contaminated site? 
The draft PIP is riddled with inconsistencies from past information regarding this parcel and is just a poor cut and past job of summary points from the Phase I Initial Site Investigation Report which was prepared by TRC in July 2017.  No one believes we will have a fair review in the PIP moving forward as is.  CLICK HERE to view the complaint that I mailed in.  Please note that other residents have also filed similar complaints.  It is not that we doubt her work or believe she is not fully skilled in her field, however we deserve a true unbiased study of the oil contamination found on the North Parcel, free of a conflict of interest to ensure the cleanup is not detrimental to the health and welfare of the entire Fore River Basin.